Kaivs , a four piece oldschool Deathmetal Band from Rome,Italy. Formed in 2022.
Lets talk about their „Horrend – EP“The EP was released earlier this year (Feb.) And includes 3 Bad Ass Swedish inspired Oldschool Deathmetal Songs!! With the Power of Tank and the Groove of Entombed, Grave or Dismember, they Set the world ablaze! In in round about 12 minutes the Band unleash a Beast and you wanna hear More!!!!

If you like Like the almighty HM2 Sound, you will Love this EP!
In my opinion, we will see Kaivs in the future on Festival Billings around the World! Netter keep an eye on these Italian Stallions!
The Songs are Molto bene!

1. Horrend
2. Krusching all Altars
3. Sepulchrist

Danke an Chris von „Gift und Galle – Der Metal Talk“ für das Gast-Review und Bandvorstellung.

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